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Lip Voltage Chamber Made Lip Plumper

R 595
Turn up the Voltage with our newly launched Lip Voltage Chamber Made with improved dispensing system. The most advanced peptide and collagen formulation concept in lip plumping. Customisable to your own tingle sensation with the brand new Pre-Priming Pump.

There are 6 formulation to choose from, no tingle, 1-6 are pre-set according to your sensitivity. Lip Voltage contains a clinically proven high formulation of peptide ingredients that builds collagen and expands the lip tissue over 25-30 days of continuous use, when using the product 1 to 2 times a day

Many try to replicate us, but no one does plump the way our DW & Co, Lip Voltage does. This really does work and gives brilliant results!
  • Auto-mix technology;
  • Precision dual dispensing system;
  • Easy to use no mess;
  • Seven custom formulations in one tube;
  • Interchangeable tingle sensations (you can reset formulations to desirable strength);
  • Select your voltage, no tingle for contouring;
  • Cool, to hot tingle, preference to your sensitivity;
  • Tested on scientists, NOT animals.

    Directions for use: 
    Release from the lock system, remove lid and make sure the applicator is clean. To select your preferred voltage twist the rail and select your custom formulation, once selected push the spring loaded base to release the mix. If you find that the voltage is to HOT, first turn back to 'Just Plump, No Tingle', press the release button and wipe the applicator head with a clean tissue before mixing again, massage the lip line using the Lip Voltage for longer lasting, better results.

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