Tint & Tone Gradual Self Tan Mousse - 200mL

R 685

Customise your tan with a buildable summer glow

Meet your new fake tan crush - our 3 in 1 violet toned Tint & Tone Gradual Self Tan Mousse, designed as a tan extender, moisturiser and gradual tanner. This velvety formula tans you subtly over time and gives you complete control over the coverage and colour. With the added bonus of being infused with botanical oils, you’ll get a dose of skin-loving care as well as a faux glow that lasts for days.

It’s easy to apply - gliding on effortlessly to match your natural skin tones, absorbing instantly to the touch, and is perfect for both pro level tanners and self-tanning beginners. The violet base neutralises unwanted yellow or orange undertones (kind of like the way violet shampoo works in your hair). 

It's super-lightweight, non-greasy, and leaves nothing but a rich, even tan. The results of your new-found glow will be so believable it’ll have your friends none the wiser. 

How often
Use daily to build or maintain your existing self tan

How long
Lasts for days (even longer when used with our Bronzing Custard)

Violet colour base for a deep, warm bronze that keeps brassiness at bay

Gradual, buildable colour that suits all skin types and tones

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