Dr Grandel

Hyaluron Love Edition

R 260

Limited Hyaluron Ampoule-Trio

Ampoules Love: Three Hyaluron ampoules in a delightful box. Get the limited Hyaluron Love Edition now!

Love, Love, Love! The DR. GRANDEL Hyaluron Love Edition presents itself like a declaration of love. Three effective Hyaluron ampoules with immediate effect are packed in a bright sparkling blue box:

1 x DR. GRANDEL Hyaluron Ampoule – 1 x 3 ml
1 x DR. GRANDEL Hyaluron Moisture Flash Ampoule – 1 x 3 ml
1 x DR. GRANDEL Hyaluron at Night Ampoule – 1 x 3 ml

The limited Hyaluron Love Edition is for all those, who want to provide their skin with moisture and make it smooth and clear.

Buy now the Hyaluron Love Edition for yourself or as a present for your loved ones.

PACKAGING: Box of 3 Ampoules

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